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Full stack IOT provider

IoT solutions, services and project maintenance.
Build a smarter world with IoTekly. We offer end-node devices, gateways and software for smart buildings,
metering systems, automation projects and asset tracking.
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Our products are best-in-class solutions to solve any data driven challenges
We provide a lot of battery operated sensors and software for Smart Building, Smart Metering, Smart City and Tracking
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Company with a complete production cycle from idea to final product.

The quality management system complies with the requirements of the international standards IATF 16949: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015
The principle of data transmission using LoRaWAN® technology at the physical layer is based on the property of radio systems - an increase in the communication range with a decrease in the transmission speed. The LoRaWAN® network uses a star topology, where each device communicates directly with the base station. Urban or regional networks are built using a star-of-stars configuration.
NB-IoT is another type of LPWA data transmission technology - Low Power Wide Area - with low consumption and wide range. Although NB-IoT is based on LTE technology and operates in the coverage area of cellular operators, this signal nevertheless differs from the usual LTE. The most important thing about NB-IoT is the ability to operate at lower signal levels and with high noise levels, as well as battery savings. NB-IoT is designed to transfer short messages and is not required to transfer audio-video content and other large files.

Andrew Lavrov
With the help of modern technologies for creating and selling a product, we form communications in the world of electronic systems, creating devices that exceed expectations.

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