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LoRaWan network deployment accessories are devices that allow you to build effective smart systems that provide amplification of signal strength and data transmission range. Antenna, water leakage sensor to prevent flooding, motion detector, etc. are devices that increase the efficiency of modern equipment for industrial facilities.

IoTekly has its own production of these products. We offer customers to buy innovative developments at a competitive price without intermediaries. We work with individuals and organizations.

Range of accessories

The following device is on sale:
• Antenna. It connects to the gateway (basic station). The gain is 6 or 10 dBi. The device can be used in an open area, in a dense urban area. The gateway is paired with a N-type connector.
• Water leakage sensor. It becomes a means of protection against flooding of premises for various purposes. It is part of the "smart bildings" system, triggers when a short circuit occurs.

We sell high quality devices. Beforehand, you can get advice from IoTekly specialists.
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