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NB-IoT devices

NB-IoT equipment is a set of devices necessary for the practical implementation of the wireless technology of the narrowband Internet of Things. It is based on the use of cellular communications. Works on the basis of the LTE network. Features - High quality protection of information, the range of.

You can buy NB-IoT devices from IoTekly. We have established our own production of equipment, which determines the availability of prices for the goods offered to customers.

Equipment types

The following devices are on sale:
• pulse readers;
• current loop sensors;
• modems for data collection;
• resistance control sensors.

To order this equipment, first of all, it is worthwhile for enterprises operating in various fields of industry - energy, utilities and agriculture. Electronic systems record information about the level of consumption of resources of water, gas, electricity - and transfer it to suppliers. This allows you to automate the monitoring process, achieving high accuracy of data collection.

You can order Narrowband Internet of Things devices online. To do this, you need to fill out a short form on the site.
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