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You can take readings from metering devices even of an entire city, in just a few clicks, while being anywhere in the world
Metering of electricity, heat, gas, cold and hot water consumption
Smart City
Lighting control, traffic metering, geolocation, parking spaces control, evaluation of water and air quality, etc.
In industrial applications, wireless technology can be applied at all stages of the production cycle. Smart sensors will help monitor production parameters, such as temperature, pressure, the amount of a particular substance in the tank, and promptly report all changes to prevent unwanted consequences.
Smart devices will help monitor the state of perishable goods during transportation, receive information from sensors in the retail space and in warehouses.
Smart Home
With Vega Smart devices, you can make any home or office smart and safe. Our line includes stylish and functional devices based on LoRaWAN technology, which notify the owner in case of opening / closing doors, windows, detecting movement in a protected area, triggering smoke, flooding sensors, etc.
GPS Monitoring
Devices with a built-in navigation module are indispensable in the field of personnel monitoring when performing high-level field tasks. In areas where there is no cellular coverage, LoRaWAN comes to the rescue. Search devices also allow you to track the movement of equipment and report when the guarded object leaves the specified perimeter.
Security systems of facilities and premises
You can always receive the most prompt information about the activation of the security system of the protected object.