LoRaWAN gateway BS-2.2

Vega BS-2.2 gateway is designed to deploy LoRaWAN® network within 863-870 MHz frequency plan. The gateway is powered and communicates with the server via the Ethernet channel, moreover the gateway may communicate with the server via the 3G channel. Linux operating system. Vega BS-2.2 gateway is supplied with pre-installed Packet forwarder software.
It is recommended to use the 10 dBi gain antenna 868-01-A10, see more details under the link.

GPS receiver: yes witn built-in antenna

3G modem: yes

Operating system: Linux

Server communication link: Ethernet, GSM 3G

USB-port: yes

Operating temperatures, °С: -40…+70

Number of LoRa channels: 8

Frequency plan: 863-870 MHz

Power output: up to 500 mW (27 dBm)

Antenna connector: N-Type female

Radio coverage within line of sight: up to 15 km

Radio coverage in restrained urban condi: up to 5 km

Power consumption: up to 10 W

Power supply type: Passive POE 4.5(+) 7.8(-) 15W

Power supply voltage: 12...48 V

Housing dimensions, mm: 165 х 110 х 40

Ingress protection rating: IP67

Mounting: mast supports

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