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Smart street light

Smart street light is a system that allows you to organize effective lighting control. It is built using LoRaWan, NB-IoT equipment. Special sensors collect a set of information about the intensity of natural light, humidity, temperature. In accordance with these indicators, the operating mode of the devices is set.

IoTekly specialists will help you choose smart lighting. In our own production, controllers are produced that allow you to accurately control outdoor lamps, taking into account the time of day and practical need. You can order them at a competitive price.

Pros of using smart devices

We offer you high quality equipment that:
• saves electrical energy;
• provides high-quality lighting without reference to environmental conditions;
• has a remote control;

You can buy controllers for on-site installation. They can also be integrated into the “smart city” system (when using devices with suitable technical characteristics). For retail and wholesale of devices, please contact the IoTekly staff.
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