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LoRaWAN devices

LoRaWan device is a development based on the communication protocol. Its specificity consists in the transmission of information over a network over long distances - up to 10 km in open space and up to 2 km within the city. The IoTekly company has its own production of high-tech devices. You can order the high quality LoRaWan sensor you need at a competitive price.

Types, application:

LoRaWan is the development of GPS trackers, accelerometers, converters, pulse counters, level sensors, deviations from a given angle, testers, etc.

Application of devices:

• city life management;

• systems "smart home", "smart office";

• transport hubs (railway stations, airports), logistics;

• Agriculture;

• Oil and gas industry.

• Water accounting

You can buy these products from IoTekly. The sale is carried out wholesale and retail.

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