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LoRaWAN Smart buildings

The smart buildings system is a modern development for automation of facility management. LoRaWan devices make it possible to organize a functional space with a decent level of safety and comfort.

Own production of equipment for efficient smart building systems using LoRaWan technology is one of the directions of IoTekly's work. Our customers are guaranteed high quality devices, sensors, their fault tolerance, and the best price. You can buy the required products by leaving a request.

Appointment of equipment

The devices can be used to build systems for administrative and industrial facilities. They are represented by a set of equipment, the installation of which allows:
• ensure safety (reaction to noise, movement, fire detection, CO2);
• create comfortable conditions in the premises (maintaining the level of temperature, humidity, illumination);
• collect data on energy consumption and transfer it to specialized organizations.

System components are controlled wirelessly. Reliable data protection and a high level of security are provided.

You can order smoke detectors, motion detectors, and other LoRaWan devices online. Fill out the form offered on our website. The sale is carried out on favorable terms.
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