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LoRaWAN gateways

The LoRaWan gateway (base station) is an important part of the industrial network. It is responsible for interconnecting and relaying messages between various sensors and the network server. Data exchange is carried out via Ethernet, 3G, 4G channels.

Gateways are necessary for deploying a functional network in the form of a classic star, from the center of which (station) beams (connected devices) depart. IoTekly sells the following developments:
• Vega BS-1.2;
• Vega BS-2.2;
• Vega BS-3.

They operate in the 863-870 MHz frequency plan, differ in the types of channels for data exchange. The third generation gateway (the latest of the models listed above) has an additional feature. It allows you to get information about where the end device is (geolocation).

The stations are used for systems "smart city", "smart buildings", "smart office", used in logistics, various industries.

We sell high quality developments. Before buying equipment, you can get advice from IoTekly specialists. Contact us and place an order!
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