LoRaWAN smoke sensor SS0102

Smoke sensor Vega Smart-SS0102 is designed to detect smoke in the protected area. The sensor registers smoke particles by the electro optic method and provides light and sound alarm indication. The sensor also sends a status packet to the LoRaWAN® network.
Vega Smart-SS0102 can be used to protect premises, buildings and structures, as well as in Smart Home systems, built on LoRaWAN® technology.
This equipment cannot be used to create and operate fire-fighting systems.

Operating temperatures, °С: -10…+55

Maximum illumination level, lx: 12000

Sensitivity, dB/m: 0,05...0,2

The volume of the sound signal while a d: no less 85 dB

USB-port: micro-USB, type B

LoRaWAN® class: A

Number of LoRaWAN® channels: 16

Frequency plan: RU868, EU868

Activation type: ABP or OTAA

Communication period: 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 6, 12 or 24 hours

Antenna type: internal

Sensitivity: -138 dBm

Radio coverage within line of sight: up to 15 km

Radio coverage in restrained urban condi: up to 5 km

Transmitter power by default: 25 mW (configurable)

Maximum transmitter power: 100 mW

Replaceable battery: 2xCR123A 3V 1400mAh (total 2800 mAh)

Housing dimensions, no more than, mm: d117 х 44

Housing dimensions, no more than, mm: yes

Ingress protection rating: IP20

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