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LoRaWan networks are becoming more and more popular every year. They are used not only for building complex industrial systems. Home equipment that allows you to create a comfortable environment, make the room safe, functional, high-tech.

IoTekly has its own production of various devices for smart systems. We produce sensors, antennas and other high quality products. Products that have been tested and verified are on sale. Our prices are competitive.

Home devices: types of equipment

In our company you can order:
• gateways, which are important components for the formation of the LoRaWan network;
• infrared motion controllers to detect unauthorized entry into the territory;
• universal modems for NB-IoT data transmission;
• sensors of humidity, noise, temperature, CO2, illumination;
• impulse counters with the possibility of subsequent data transmission;
• antennas for signal power amplification;
• converters (readers) for receiving data from devices that do not operate under the LoRaWan protocol.

Buy our products and you can make your home safe, comfortable and functional.
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